Closing Conference (Preliminary Program)


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Application Domain Specific Highly Reliable IT Solutions

Thematic Excellence Program 2019, Industry and Digitalisation

Final Reports (Preliminary Program)

Online Conference 8 May, 2020

9:00 9:05 Prof. István Szabó

Vice President for Science and International Affairs, NRDI Office

Opening speech
9:05 9:20 Prof. Zoltán Horváth  Professional Leader, Dean Application Domain Specific Highly Reliable IT Solutions: Results and New Perspectives in Thematic Field of Industry and Digitalisation
9:20 9:30 Prof. András Lőrincz  RG Artificial Intelligence Towards Artificial General Intelligence with Applications
9:30 9:45 Prof. Patrick van der Smagt RG Artificial Intelligence, Director of AI Research, Volkswagen Group Machine Learning: Next Ethical Steps
9:45 9:55 Prof. Sándor Laki  RG Software Industry and Telecommunication Networks Results in the RG Software Industry and Telecommunication Networks
9:55 10:10 Prof. Ambrus Kaposi  RG Software Industry and Telecommunication Networks On the Algebraic Definition of Programming Languages
10:10 10:20 Prof. László Zentai  RG Agroinformatics Results in the RG Agroinformatics
10:20 10:35 Prof. István Elek  RG Agroinformatics Program pack supporting aerial and spatial image processing
10:35 10:45 Prof. Bálint Molnár  RG Digital Services Results in the RG Digital Services
10:45 11:00 Prof. Attila Kovács  RG Digital Services On Software Testing
11:00 11:25 Coffee break/ Q@A in RG Teams channels
11:25 11:35 Prof. Dmitrij Csetverikov  RG Autonomous Systems Results in the RG Autonomous Systems
11:35 11:50 Prof. Levente Hajder  RG Autonomous Systems Application of Affine Transformations for 3D Computer Vision 
11:50 12:00 Prof. Tibor Jordán  RG Mathematics and Optimization Results in the RG Mathematics and Optimization
12:00 12:15 Prof. Tamás Király  RG Mathematics and Optimization Combinatorial Optimization and Applications
12:15   Q@A in RG Teams channels