Calling All Visionaries: Shape the Future with Smart & Sustainable Solutions!

Calling All Visionaries:  Shape the Future with Smart & Sustainable Solutions!

ELTE Faculty of Informatics


KIET Group of Institutions

Calling All Visionaries:

Shape the Future with Smart & Sustainable Solutions!


Are you a creative problem-solver with a passion for making the world a better place? We invite you to participate in the Idea Competition on Futuristic Smart Sustainable Solutions, a thrilling opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas and contribute to a brighter future. Work together with Indian students on UN’s sustainability goals! Individual or team entries are welcome from both institutions!

What we're looking for

  • Bold and innovative ideas: We're searching for groundbreaking solutions that leverage technology and smart thinking to address global challenges related to UN’s sustainability goals with social impacts.
  • Feasibility and impact: Your idea should be grounded, considering technical and economic feasibility while demonstrating its potential for widespread positive impact.
  • Clarity and presentation: Clearly articulate your idea, highlighting its originality, benefits, and implementation plan.

Phase 1

Deadline to register & upload the proposal: 20th March 2024

Both the organizations ask for solutions on societal problems focused on UN Sustainable Goals from the students of their own choice.

Participation: Individual or Team (up to 3 team members). Each participant has to be a student of either the ELTE or the KIET.

Proposal guidelines (in PDF or Word format):

  • The team may add up to the maximum number of words required, although it's not mandatory to cover the full word count.
  • You can use supporting materials such as graphics, pictures.
  • You can be creative with the proposal, but it is mandatory to have the relevant sections written on the upload page.
  • 1. project description – 250 words, 2. problem statement – 400 words, 3. project scope & high-level plan – 400 words, 4. project delivery – 400 words).

You can register here

You can upload your proposal here

All the Idea registered up to the last date of the registration is collected and distributed to the judges.

The judging for this level of the event will be done by both organisations and then the results will be shared with the coordinators of both organisations.

Once the Idea is selected at the First Level of Scrutiny, it will proceed for the second level of Analysis Process.

Phase 2

Deadline of uploading presentation slides: 20th April 2024

Participants are the top 7 teams from both institutions.

The organizers shall give some specific real time problems for innovative solutions and students from the selected teams shall propose the solutions and implementation.

The teams in this phase will have 4 participants: 2 from each institute.

The team needs to prepare a presentation of their work and present it to the judges. The slide count should not be more than 15.

Top 3 Teams shall be selected from the participating teams of phase 2 and suitably certified and in case their idea is patentable, the organizations shall pursue for the publication and granting of the patent as well.

Mode of Event

Online Mode


The primary objective of the competition is to create a dynamic and collaborative environment that encourages students from both institutions to develop and present innovative ideas. The competition will focus on promoting creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurial thinking among participants.

Submission and Selection Process: Format of the Idea Submission in Phase 2 are presentation, at maximum 15 slides. After the output of Level 2 Scrutiny, result will be declared, and the mail is forwarded to the winners of the Idea Competition.

Selection Criteria in both phase

The new ideas or the solution to the problems identified by the participants will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the proposal: 25%
    1. Has any research into the idea been done?
    2. How complete is the idea?
  2. Impact: 25%
    1. Does it solve a problem that exists?
    2. What is the potential market? How many people could it potentially benefit? Is the plan scalable?
    3. Is it in line with the pitching theme and the objective of promoting sustainable goal?
  3. Innovation: 25%
    1. Is this a new solution to the problem or completely new idea? Does a similar product/solution exist? Does it have any unique features to distinguish it?
    2. Is there a new approach to an old solution (within the product) that already exists?
  4. Sustainability: 25%
    1. Is there a long-term vision for the idea and product?
    2. How will this drive forwards after the start, until completion?
    3. Is there a possibility for funding of the project? Has this been identified and clearly described?

In phase 2:

Collaboration Opportunities: Encourage collaboration between students from both colleges. Consider organizing mixers, networking sessions, collaborative workshops to facilitate idea exchange and team formation.

Prizes and Recognition: Highlight submitted IDEAs are evaluated by the appointed judges at the first level. Selected IDEAs from Phase 1 are presented in the second round in presence of Team of Judges.

Prizes are in the form of Patent Publication/Grant and Participation Certificate.

Organizing Committee: an organizing committee consisting of representatives from both institutions. This committee will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing the competition.

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