The ELTE Dormitory Centre provides accommodation to hundreds of ELTE international students in two cities, Budapest, and Szombathely. The dormitories are popular among both the Hungarian and the international students as they offer not only high-quality and affordable places and services – more than half of the dormitories have been completely rebuilt within a few years –, but because of the vivid community life as well.

Should you need a place in one of ELTE’s dormitories, please visit: https://www.elte.hu/en/dormitory-centre and contact them.

As ELTE has over 27.000 student and in total 3100 dormitory places, it’s very common that our students look for private accommodations.

In case your application for the dormitory is rejected or you prefer other housing types, Faculty of Informatics offers help for you in finding the best one.

We work in accordance with the central housing office and its policies, but we provide much more customized and flexible assistance to the faculty’s own students.

Our Housing Database  offers an easy browse of reliable accommodations of many types: shared rooms, student hotels, private dormitories, studio apartments, apartments.

If you need help in finding accommodation in Budapest, please send your inquiry to housing@inf.elte.hu and our housing coordinator Ms Beatrix Imre will guide you through the process.

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