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Cooperating with ELTE in Horizon Europe - No Restrictions

Cooperating with ELTE in Horizon Europe - No Restrictions

With respect to the recent notification of the European Commission regarding the status of Hungarian participants in Horizon Europe projects, and the many questions we have received in this regard, we would like to inform all our present and future cooperation partners as follows.

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is not affected by the restriction of legal commitment in terms of the Article 2, Point 2 of the Council Decision. Therefore, ELTE is fully eligible to participate in Horizon Europe projects, to apply for and receive funding, to sign contracts and more, it is eligible for legal commitments involving European Union funding.

ELTE's participation in Horizon Europe, in the European University Alliance programme, the EIT programmes and all European research and innovation programmes and other directly funded international programmes remains unrestricted. The same applies to the University's Erasmus mobility opportunities.

The legal status of ELTE has not changed in recent years, so ELTE is not a foundation university.

The respective Rector’s Declaration can be downloaded from here.

For more details on this issue please visit the related FAQ page of the EC Funding and Tenders portal.

We look forward to any Horizon Europe or other EU cooperation inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at!