Mission Statement

    The mission of the Doctoral School of Informatics is to prepare students for obtaining a Ph.D. – i.e. the highest university -- degree within the framework of organized or individual training accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee. It aims to ensure the continuous supply of internationally acknowledged ICT teachers and researchers, as well as to train highly qualified research and development professionals to meet the labour demand of the Hungarian ICT industry. These goals are primarily achieved through students’ participation in organized training where doctoral students and doctoral candidates prepare for their independent teaching and research careers in the community of leading professors and researchers of the Doctoral School, as well as experts from accredited external scientific institutions.

   The Doctoral School of Informatics conducts cutting-edge research and development, and it intends to extensively collaborate with developers and large users of information technology. In accordance with the programs of the Doctoral School, the main research directions are as follows: Information Systems, Numeric and Symbolic Calculus, Foundations and Methodology of Informatics, Informatics Teaching Methodology. In addition, there is research into and doctoral training in recent trends of geo-informatics and cartography.

    In order to carry out its training and research tasks, the Doctoral School of Informatics strives to establish wide-ranging cooperation with its counterparts, scientific organizations and research institutes. It is interested in organizing educational and student exchange programs, research collaborations, joint trainings within its extensive international network. It also aims to establish long-term strategic partnerships with industrial partners and to be an active player in Hungarian and European innovation processes.