IT support for students

IT support for students



It is given to IK students, it is created when enrolling, by default it is the same as their Neptuncode, written in lowercase.
It can be used to use the computers of the Faculty labs, and to usethe O365 subscription of IK.

Password change:

  • online:
    (login: Neptun code + Neptun password)
  • In person: at IK operators
    (South Building, floor 307, aproach from the main computer room, floor 308)

It is available to all ELTE university citizens. It can be used for WI-FI access, ELTE O365 subscription, etc.

Request: (selecting Neptun login).

More information:

WI-FI usage

At ELTE it is possible to use WI-FI free of charge with IIG ID.
Access is granted by logging in to the page.

In case of configuration and other problems, IIG operators can help.

More information:

O365 subscription (MS Teams, E-mail, Office apps)

ELTE has two Microsoft o365 subscriptions (tenants). One is the subscription of the Faculty of Informatics, which can only be used with email addresses in the domain. The other one is the ELTE subscription, which can be used by
students with their e-mail address and by the staff members of the Faculty with their e-mail address. The two tenants are not interoperable because they are not federated (i.e. people not having an e-mail
address can only be added as guests to TEAMS groups at most). If a TEAMS group for a course has been automatically created from Neptun, it can be accessed by logging in with or addresses. If a course TEAMS
group has been created by a teaching staff member of the Faculty of Informatics, students (as well as fellow teachers) can only access it or join it with a team code while logging in with their e-mail address.

Please remember that if you want to change from one domain to the other, it is not enough to close the browser window or the application; first you must log out of Teams and then re-log again into the other one!

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