Doctoral Training

Doctoral Training

Doctoral Training

Our aim is to give regular courses to students and prepare them for obtaining a scientific degree, and to offer them teaching experience in higher education. 
The objective is to train computer science and info-communication technology experts with professional knowledge based on solid theoretical background. 

The ELTE Doctoral School of Informatics provides PhD education in four doctoral programs:
-Information Systems,
-Numeric and Symbolic Computations,
-Foundation and Methodology of Informatics,
-Informatics Teaching Methodology.

Discipline: informatics/computer science
Level: doctoral (PhD) 

Duration of the programme: 8 semesters
Type of the programme: full-time education
Finances: limited number of state scholarships, otherwise tuition fee
Entry requirements: MSc degree and entrance examination 
Language requirements: one complex (B2) intermediate level state-accredited language exam
Certificate at the end of the training: pre-degree certificate
Full credit requirements: 240 credits

Ways of obtaining credits:
1-4 semester (min. 120 credits, max. 132)
-credits for courses (min. 24, max. 54)
-credits for research (min. 66, max. 96)
-credits for teaching (min. 0, max. 24)

Comprehensive examination/Complex exam- at the end of the 4th semester.

5-8 semester (min. 120, max. 132)
-credits for research (min. 90, max. 120)
-professional credits (min. 0, max. 24)
-credits for teaching (min. 0, max. 24)

For more information regarding the training requirements, please check the Curriculum of ELTE Doctoral School of Informatics.