The QCI Hungary team participated in the QCIHungary Days in Vienna

The QCI Hungary team participated in the QCIHungary Days in Vienna

The QCI Days 2024, the first major event in quantum communications this year, was held at the Headquarters of the Federation of Austrian Industries in Vienna on 26 and 27 January. The conference was organised by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, responsible for the coordination of the QCI-CAT National Project of the EuroQCI Initiative.

Delegates from all QCIHungary project partners attended the event: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Governmental Agency for IT Development (KIFÜ),Eötvös Loránd University and HUN-REN Wigner Research Centre for Physics.

The Hungarian project prepared a poster presenting activities of our project so far. In the photo: (László Bacsárdi, Eszter Udvary, Tamas Kiss, Ádám Nagy, Gergely, Péter Ligeti, Otto Hanyecz, Janos Mohacsi, Tamás Kozsik, and others.)

The highlights of the two-day programme have been the

  • overview presentations about EuroQCI
  • workshops on Euro-QCI architecture and deployment
  • presentation and panel discussions on QKD Networks and Architecture, Use Cases and Deployments, Satellite and Free-Space QKD and Certification
  • presentations on the quantum-secure technology ecosystem
  • showroom and pitch presentations featuring QKD network suppliers
  • networking with DEP projects, academia, industry, and end-users

Thank you Austrian colleagues from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and QCI-CAT Project for organizing this impressive event.

The next QCI Days will take place in Athens in 2025.