TDK Conference – IT Science Section, 2024 Spring

TDK Conference – IT Science Section, 2024 Spring
In the spring semester of the 2022/2023 academic year, the Faculty TDK Conference will be held in the Informatics Section at ELTE, which serves to present the results of students’ scientific work.

The conditions for participation in the conference are the preparation and submission of a thesis summarizing the scientific work, and giving an oral presentation at the conference. The most successful theses can also be nominated for the biennial national conference - OTDK.

Expected date of the Faculty TDK Conference: May 29, 2024.

Application deadline (abstract upload): April 29, 2024 at

The deadline for uploading theses online: May 13, 2024.

We do not ask for the thesis in printed form!

You can contact Péter Kovács ( or Csaba Bálint ( with questions, from whom you can get more information!

Evaluation criteria of the TDK thesis

  • The novelty of the thesis (8 points)    
  • The topic and content of the thesis (8 points)    
  • Verification of the results (8 points)    
  • Elaboration of the literature on the topic (6 points)    
  • Formal design and style of the thesis (6 points)    
  • Scientific value of the results achieved (6 points)    
  • The reviewer's summary opinion on the thesis and evaluation of its quality. The strengths and weaknesses of the thesis (8 points)

There are many advantages of doing a TDK, inluding

  • the student can get involved in university academic life and deepen his knowledge on a specific topic,    
  • TDK papers submitted to OTDK are also acceptable as diploma theses,    
  • increase the chance of successful scholarship applications,    
  • you can also apply to participate in domestic and international conferences,    
  • the "TDK" work experience looks good in the CV and can increase the chances of employment,
  • means extra points when applying for postgraduate (doctoral) training,    
  • there is an opportunity to practice presentation skills and to develop discussion skills.

We wish you good luck!