Software Architectures in Computer Science MSc

Software Architectures in Computer Science MSc

If you are interested in pursuing a career in computer science, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends in computer science research. ELTE provides you with thorough knowledge and competitive skills in the emerging field of Software Architectures.

Application information:

The master programs of ELTE Faculty of Informatics were developed in accordance with EIT Digital technical majors, within European excellence network of top technical universities. Due to EIT partnership, master programs of  ELTE are fully transferable with and conform to the high-quality standards of Computer Science programs of leading European universities.

Computer Science programs of ELTE are ranked in the Top 500 by QS Ranking by subject 2017.

Budapest (ELTE) is Full Node of EIT Digital European Knowledge Community.

Software Architectures (SA)

The aim of this specialization is to train service designers and software architects who are capable of designing and engineering novel software systems. Students will study  processes and methods that support the effective development of modern user centric software systems, and business focused opportunities for software-based businesses, Service Oriented Architectures, Internet of Things, Distributed Systems etc.

The focus of the Computer Science program at ELTE is to teach the advanced state-of-the-art technologies in software development with hands-on experience and to apply the knowledge to some challenging real-world problems. Graduates with a Computer Science MSc degree are prepared to design and analyze software systems, be project leaders, conduct testing and verification. Students will study programming theory, models of computation, software technology, software quality and testing, functional languages,  formal semantics, data mining, media design etc.

ELTE provides professional experience and participation in joint research labs with leading multinational enterprises due to industrial partnerships related to both master programs.

The program structure of Computer Science MSc has three specializations with a variety of single and double degree (EIT Digital Master School) opportunities.