Important information

Important information

Dear Students,

please follow the daily news on !

  • Latest news: Restrictions on movement from now till at least the 11th April

That means, you can leave your home only for life necessary things, such as pharmacy, food store.

  • Please note: between 9:00-12:00 AM only elderly people (above the age of 65) are allowed to shops. So please do only necessary shopping before 9:00 AM or in the afternoon.
  • People should keep a minimum distance of one and a half meters from one another everywhere, including on public transport.
  • If the police stops you for identity check, please show him your ID, and adress card (in order he sees, whether you are going to the nearest shop), and you can show him your student card as well, which shows, that you are student of ELTE.
  • Please note, that wearing of mask is recommended, not yet obligatory. There is a shortage of it, so for your safety look at this video, how to make mask easy:
  • Daylight saving time in Hungary starts on 29 March, 3:00 AM. Your computers and smartphones should adjust themselves automatically, but please make sure, that all your clocks will be set correctly. (Also, so you won't miss classes later.) See also:,