National Higher Education Scholarship 2020/21 academic year

National Higher Education Scholarship 2020/21 academic year

Students applying for the National Higher Education Scholarship announced for the 2020/2021 academic year can submit their application electronically to Mónika Szever, from their official e-mail address recorded in the Neptun.

You can find the form here

Extended deadline: 6. July 2020, 8.00 am.

The following must be attached to the application (please attach the attachments in pdf format, the application form in excel file):
1. completed application form, signed in detail, (in the absence of a printable option, sgd mark and name)
2. documents (or copies) of the results entered on the application form,
3. listing annexes form ( in the application excel form),
4. departmental opinion
5. semester certificate of completion - after the last exam is entered in Neptun, a print preview of the extract of the main form can be downloaded from the Neptun system in pdf format. Path: Studies - Gradebook - Registry excerpt Print preview - Törzslap kivonat_EN

National Higher Education Scholarship may be submitted by students who
- taking part in state-funded and self-financed full-time Bachelor’s, Master’s and single-cycle programmes
- who have registered for at least two semesters over the course of either their present or past studies and
- have obtained at least 55 credits;

Students who take a final examination in a given training cycle in the given training cycle during the application period (participate in the last year of the basic period and take a final examination) can also submit their application in 2020/2021 to obtain a national higher education scholarship to be awarded during the academic year.

In order to maintain a high standard of academic and professional results, a national higher education scholarship is open to students of higher education institutions who:
- they have achieved an outstanding study result, respectively
- outstanding work in the professional field
during the education period corresponding to the academic year 2019/2020. "

The National Higher Education Scholarship shall be awarded to specific students by the minister in charge of education based on the ranking proposed by the University. The faculty ranking is formed by the Faculty's Study Committee. The ranking will be published on the website of the Registrar's Office beween September 7-9.

the National Higher Education Scholarship shall be awarded for a full academic year (10 months). Pursuant to paragraph (1) point c) of Article 114/D of Nftv., the scholarship’s monthly amount in 2020 shall be HUF 40 000.
the National Higher Education Scholarship awarded for the 2020/2021 academic year shall only be disbursed in the 2020/2021 academic year; in the event that the student’s student status is terminated or suspended, the student in question shall not be eligible to receive scholarship disbursements;

The scholarship is not terminated for studies ending in an odd semester, if the student continues his / her studies without interruption (bachelor, BSc -> master, MSc).

Criteria for the evaluation of applications:

  1. Study average: study average better than 4.50 in both semesters
  2. Professional activities:
    1. Research activities
    2. Participation, placement in OTDK/TDK conferences
    3. Domestic/international publications, lectures
    4. Competition essays, papers
    5. Other outstanding professional achievements
    6. Work experience as demonstrator, at university department
  3. Other:
    1. Language exam (upper intermediate or advanced (type C) acquired during university studies; professional)
    2. Student's public life activities (AISEC, Student Government, dormitory position,organizing events).
    3. Outstanding sporting activity, sporting achievements
    4. Other outstanding social, cultural activities
  4. Departmental opinion on professional activity (recommendation).

According to the practice of previous years, the list approved by the Ministry usually returns to the University in early September. The Registrar's Office will then publish the list of students who have won the scholarship on its website and on billboards.

Budapest, June 4, 2020

ELTE Faculty of Informatics, Registrar's Offce