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The TFP 2009 conference and the CEFP 2009 summer school is hosted by Selye Janos University, Komarno, Slovakia (http://www.selyeuni.sk/).  

Conference Center of Selye Janos University Hradná street 2, 94501 Komárno.  The TFP room is AULA.

The university is equipped with a new Conference Centre including modern equipment, lecture rooms and computer labs.

Komarno and Komárom are twin towns. Komarno is on the north bank of River Danube, it is in Slovakia. Komárom is on the south bank of River Danube, which is in Hungary. Komárom is a cultural, touristical and trade center on the right side of River Danube with about 20,000 inhabitants. You can see maps about the towns here and you can view the foto about the bridge which connects the towns.

Komarno is a charming old city with about 30 000 inhabitants, 90 km away from Budapest (the capital of Hungary), with good highway and railway connections and 90 km away from Bratislava (the capital of Slovakia), about 100 km from Vienna International Airport. 


You can reach Budapest by plane, train or bus.

Arriving by plane

Planes arrive at Ferihegy Airport. You can take a taxi or a minibus (airport shuttle) to the city center or a bus to underground line 3.


From Budapest Airport to any point in Budapest or
from any point in Budapest to Budapest Airport

HUF 2990 / person / one way ticket
HUF 4990 / person / two ways ticket
HUF 4490 / two persons
HUF 8490 / two persons / two ways ticket

Transfer between terminal 1 and terminal 2 is HUF 700 / person.

Tickets may be purchased in Airport Shuttle offices, located in the terminals.
Offices are at your service from 0 am – till 24 pm in both terminals.

You can find more information about airport shuttle services on the following website: http://www.bud.hu/english/transport/airport_shuttle

Zóna Taxi

The fares shown below are the maximum fares in forints which Zóna Service will be allowed to charge in each zone for a journey. The journeys will also be metered, and if the meter shows a lower fare, then passengers will only pay the lower fare.

Zones: 2009 prices in HUF: in EURO:
T1-T2 1700 8
Zone 1 3500 16
Zone 2 4800 22
Zone 3 5000 24
Zone 4 5400 25
Out of Budapest 230 forint/km 1

You can find more information about Zóna Taxi on the following website: http://www.bud.hu/english/transport/taxi


From Ferihegy 2 Airport you can take a bus marked 200E and go up to the last stop: Kőbánya-Kispest M - this is the last stop of the underground line 3. The elapsed journey time is about 22 minutes.

From  Ferihegy 1 Airport you can take a bus marked 200E or 93 to underground line 3. With both you go to the last stop: Kőbánya-Kispest M. The elapsed journey time of 200E bus is about 12 minutes from Ferihegy 1 Airport to the last stop. The elapsed journey time of 93 bus is about 29 minutes from Ferihegy 1 Airport to the last stop. (Bus marked 200E is faster, because it does not stop every bus stop on the way to underground line 3.) 

You can find more information about buses on the following website: http://www.bkv.hu/english/busz/index.html


You can find more information about underground on the following website:  http://www.bkv.hu/english/metro/index.html


Arriving by train

If you come by train, you will most likely arrive at Keleti Railway Station or less likely to Nyugati or Déli. Keleti and Déli Railway Stations are located near underground line 2. Nyugati is near line 3. In case you come by bus, you will arrive at Népliget Bus Station which is located near underground line 3. For bus timetables click here.

Public Transport

There are lots of bus, tram and trolley bus lines, three metro lines and four suburban railway lines in Budapest. A single ticket is 290 HUF, 10 pieces discount coupon book is 2600 HUF, three-day travel card is 3700 HUF, seven-day travel card is 4400 HUF. You can find more information about tickets and passes on the following website: http://www.bkv.hu/english/jegyinfo2009/fares.html

For more information on public transport click here.


A taxi ride usually costs 240 HUF/km from the street and 180 HUF/km if ordered by phone plus 300 HUF basic fare. For more information on transport click here.


How to reach ELTE University

The university can be reached by tram number 4 and 6, the stop is "Petőfi híd, budai hídfő".

From „Keleti” railway station : take the  metro M2 or bus 7 and go „Blaha Lujza” stop. Then take the tram number 4 or 6, the stop is "Petőfi híd, budai hídfő".

From „Nyugati” railway station: take the metro M3 and go till the stop „Ferenc körút”. Then take the tram number 4 or 6, the stop is "Petőfi híd, budai hídfő".



From Budapest to Komarno

You can reach Komárom  from Budapest "Keleti" or "Déli" railway station by train.  On the following site, you can see trains to go to Komárom: http://elvira.mav-start.hu. After arriving  "Komáromi Vasútállomás", you have to walk through the bridge. The other side of River Danube is Komarno. It lasts only 5-10 minutes through Komarno. As the map shows, conference center and kolleges are on the riverbank.

From Pozsony (Bratislava) to Komarno

Airport Bratislava: http://www.letiskobratislava.sk/index.aspx?lang=1033

You can find information about the transportation from the airport on the following site: http://www.letiskobratislava.sk/51.html

From/to the Main Railway Station to Bratislava Airport you can get directly by using the public transport (public transport in Bratislava)

You can come from Pozsony (Bratislava) to Komarno by train.The train connection from/to the Bratislava Main Railway Station can be found at the web page of Železnice Slovenskej republiky http://www.zssk.sk/en  


From Vienna to Komarno

Airport Vienna: http://www.viennaairport.com/jart/prj3/via/website.jart?rel=en&reserve-mode=active 

To and from the airport

If you come from Vienna by train, the following site can help you: http://www.oebb.at/



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